Learning for a New Business Reality

Learning for a New Business Reality

At a time where adaptation is essential, we’re here to help.

Learn from a world-class international instructor faculty

An emphasis on direct skill development for real-world application

Discover new skills to help you navigate today’s changing world

Intimate access to instructors and peer networking opportunities

Blended Learning - Real-World Impact

Why Blended Learning?

We want to be sure that the knowledge our courses deliver stays with our students in the long run. After all, what use is forgetting most of what you learn? Learning science says that only 21% of something you previously learned remains with you after 31 days. The way to combat this curve of forgetfulness is repetition. 

In learning science, there is a 70:20:10 rule:

  • 10% of learning comes from formal classroom style training
  • 70% of learning comes from doing
  • 20% of learning comes from comparing notes with your peers

The Blended Learning approach: blended learning is an approach that combines several different modes of learning as one, including; online self-study and live, instructor-led sessions.

The aim of this approach is to free up more time for learning through activities, which improves student outcomes.

So, how are we achieving the most impactful knowledge transfer?

  • Instructor-led virtual classroom sessions take place over a period of 5 weeks
  • The application of learned skills in real life is encouraged – knowledge is delivered in weekly installments so students can immediately apply new skills between lectures
  • Virtual class exercises and group discussions take place between lectures
  • Top-level international teaching faculty

However achieving maximum learning impact is not about merely replicating an offline course and making it available online. To fight the ‘forgetting curve’ the most ideal delivery method is for the course to be spread out over a period of time – in our case, 90 minute sessions once a week, for six weeks. By using bite-sized learning modules, different modalities of learning (blended learning), and ongoing repetitive practice, there is a greater potential for you to both remember and use the taught practices in your real life!

Not to mention, that no travel is required, there are no other hidden costs, you can study at your own pace, and on any device desired! 

  • No travel required, study from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Manageable weekly learning chunks to ensure learning effectiveness.
  • Mobile Learning – you can check out lessons on the go through the learning portal.
  • All sessions are recorded so you may re-watch them at your convenience.
  • Weekly live check-in with the instructor so you can ask questions and also attend a live lecture.
  • Immediately able to apply new skills in real life between lectures for the highest impact.
  • No time out from work for employees, each 90 minute lecture takes place at the end of a workday.
  • No hidden costs for travel and accommodation or expenses associated with a classroom training.
  • Maximized learning impact by offering exercises spaced between lectures.
  • Flexible delivery – in case the live lecture is missed, the recording may be watched anytime.
  • Generous volume training discounts, global delivery capability.

Typical Course Path