While drug pipeline challenges, structural changes to the healthcare industry, and the rise of the digital channels may make it look as if it is the end of the pharma sales representative role, there are many reasons in fact to reconsider this assumption.

Pharma and Medical vendor companies have an unprecedented opportunity to redefine and re-invent the concept of sales.

They need to replace traditional sales models with sales and service models that help stakeholders achieve their objectives. To navigate this transition, sales organisations need on one hand to change the traditional sales culture by addressing the needs of a broader network of buyers and influencers, and on the other hand, up-skill the existing sales force by elevating and extending the conversations they have with doctors and other stakeholders.

It is also vital to understand that the Key Account Management function is not merely a function in sales, rather an agile approach to developing profitable customer relationships with institutional purchasing organisations, and connecting conversations across a non-linear, networked sales environment.

Last but not least, smart organisations focus on amplifying the impact of human sales interactions through digital technologies. There is no either/or proposition when it comes to pharmaceutical sales in the digital age. Companies do not need to choose between digitizing their sales experiences and optimising their face-to-face sales capabilities. What they need to determine is how they can use digital technologies to make pharmaceutical sales teams more relevant than ever. Sales representatives already use mobile applications to track customer accounts, trigger alerts and manage relationships in a variety of ways. There’s no reason these applications can’t be tailored to enhance the face-to-face experiences and deliver even more value.

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